If you love camping as much as we do (and we know you do) you’re going to flip over these fun and functional accessories for your vintage trailer, RV or camp site. Click on any link below to find what many other vintage camping lovers have already discovered — Vintage Camping Gear is the MOST.

TIP: You never want to take a Vintage Camper to the movies…they only stay for the trailers.

Reissue-Shasta-Airflyte-LogoATTENTION: Owners of the Re-Issued Shasta Airflytes—See our new products designed just for you… including a Shasta-shaped Cutting Board personalized with your trailer’s “name,” length & production run number, e.g., “Shamper, 19 ft., #1405.” Click on the photo of trailer shaped cutting boards below left for details.

Many of us own or are fans of Canned Ham or Teardrop shaped vintage trailers. And brands/models like Airfloat, Airstream, Airstream Bambi, Aloha, Anderson, Aristocrat, Arrowhead, Avion, Boles, Bowlus, Cardinal, Forester, Franklin, Holiday, Kenskill, Kozy Coach, Go Tag Along, Jewel, Kenskill, Serro Hilander, Serro Scotty Gaucho, Shasta, Spartan, Vagabond, Westcraft, Yellowstone, etc.

“I love my Vintage Camping Gear products. I’ve been a lifelong camper and it thrills me that I can find some fun and different items than what you’d find at a traditional camping store. Two of my favorites are the Campfire Mitts and my Canned Ham Cutting Board…beautifully designed and very high quality! They look fantastic in my little kitchen and I always get compliments when I have guests out for the weekend.”
—Beth H.